Who am I?

My name is Adam Fallon and this is my part of the web. I am a software engineer who graduated from Queens University in 2016 with a BEng in Computer Science. From there I went to work for Kainos Software Ltd, working on iOS applications for the NHS and after two years of that moved onto the Big Data team. There I worked on a solution for a large insurance firm that won a Cloudera Silver Partner award for innovative use of Hadoop, HDFS, Apache Spark and Apache Avro.

Currently I work for Rightmove on their iOS application, which is the 34th most Downloaded iOS application in the UK. I am the top 20% of contributers to the iOS StackOverflow and have won multiple hackathons;

  • Kainos AppCamp 2013
  • Liberty IT Community Hack 2014
  • Microsoft Wowzapp (Windows 8) 2014
  • Allstate Connected Cars Hackathon
  • Best Presentation Hacking Happiness 2017

More about me

I am interested in running, cycling and reading. At the moment I am reading a lot about finance, capital markets, blockchain and anthropology. I am currently working on two applications, one of which will enable users to convert text to speech from any webpage in a natural sounding voice, and a prototype microfinancing solution using the IOTA tangle network. If you would like to help or fund my ideas, please email me at afallon0@icloud.com

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