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Hello World

I work on iOS, Node.js, Web, and Big Data projects.

I am currently building an app in stealth, but if you are interested in working on a project using TensorFlow, Firebase and HTML Semantics, email me.

I have won a number of hackathons, if you want a team member for a London or Belfast hackathon, reach out on Twitter

I make a lot of effort to open source every piece of software I write, if you find something of mine that isn't in the Repo tab to the left, get in contact and i'll see what I can do to give it to you


Here are some of the books I'm reading this year. The amount of books I read per month trends to around a mode of 3



Why is there no Racoon emoji?
I am working on an app called Raccoonteur that lets you save web articles and have them read back to you with a pleasant natural sounding voice. Perfect for when you are on the go and don't have the time to read text
I will be writing up some technical posts here on how I achieve my high accuracy text scraping, text to speech, machine learning model creation, storage specifications for the service and also the implementation of the the text to speech service.
If you are an investor in the machine learning space give me a call